Silvi Winthrop Los Angeles Meditation Teacher

Silvi Winthrop wholeheartedly believes that connection in a safe place is the first step to healing. As your counselor, she will be there to accept you as you are in a welcoming, nonjudgmental manner.

Together, you and Silvi will create an open space for you to be your true, authentic self. Silvi believes that everyone is capable of growth and change. No matter where you are in life or on your path to healing, Silvi will be your ally and advocate.

Silvi is originally from Istanbul, Turkey and has been married for 24 years and has two adult sons and a 14-year-old Labrador named Lollie. Silvi enjoys being outdoors in nature, hiking, and traveling.


Silvi has received her master’s degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy from Pepperdine University in June of 2022. Silvi trained at Chabad Residential Treatment Center working with addiction and recovery for a year as a part of her clinical program. Silvi received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from UC Santa Barbara in 1995 and earned her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from California State University, Long Beach in 1997. 

Silvi has changed my life. I was riddled with anxiety the past few years and had tried so many different things…I’m forever grateful. Thank you Silvi!

-M. Kruger, private client