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Meeting you where you are and joining you on the journey. Respecting mind, body, and spirit as we move together towards living a purposeful life.

Silvi Winthrop

Life can often be challenging as the world pulls us in so many directions. Between our relational responsibilities and work expectations, there is often little time to practice not only self care, but actual self help for healing and growth.  

Silvi is a mental health professional who really cares and is here to help you navigate through the maze of life’s expectations and demands, while also allowing yourself to heal the deep hurts, blocks and confusion so you can move forward to a freer, lighter and more joy-filled life.

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Heartache, desperation, exhaustion, and overwhelm aren’t the end. There are answers and possibilities. Silvi will collaborate with you in finding the solutions.

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My relationship with you is important and personal. I treat your personal situation with respect, love, & compassion.

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Years of experience and numerous resources will be available to help you uncover why you feel the way you do and how you can feel better. As you understand the “why” and learn healing interventions, you are able to experience the “how” and positive results.