Insight-oriented counseling provides you with a deep understanding of who you are, how you got here, and how to move forward.

I assist my clients to:

  • Build a better relationship with yourself and others (romantic partners, family members, or friends)
  • Gain insight about past experiences, past relationships, and patterns of attachment, and their impact on current emotions and behaviors
  • Navigate major life decisions and transitions – marriage, divorce, break-ups, loss, a move, or a career change
  • Build confidence, improve self-esteem, and trust yourself
  • Manage symptoms of anxiety and depression, and work through grief and loss
  • Gain a deeper understanding through exploring family of origin and cultural background
  • Sort through current and past struggles to live a more balanced and fulfilling life, with more meaningful relationships

Silvi literally changed my life. I had been trying for years to learn to meditate, always without success. Then I started going to Silviā€™s classes at Pacific Palisades Library and it changed everything. Her mindfulness approach to meditation strikes a perfect chord for me with its rational foundation and its focus on the present moment. Silvi is thoughtful and creative. She brings varied exercises to class and they always lead to lively and engaging discussions. I’ve been able to put into practice the techniques I learned in class, not only when I meditate but, maybe more importantly, when I live my life in a more thoughtful, aware and mindful way.

-Harriet L.

Mindfulness Practices

I have been a McLean Meditation and Mindfulness Certified instructor since 2016 as well as having my own personal practice since 2014. I have seen and experienced profound positive changes in my life as a result of these practices. Current research is showing the benefits of mindfulness in alleviating stress, depression, and anxiety and in helping us live lives of more joy and purpose.